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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Computer in addition to Mobile Software Applications

Computer together with Mobile Software Applications

Earlier Computer Software alone famous, only exhibit Mobile Software also. Computer Software Development & together with Mobile Software Development & .

We tin sack comport Software (Computer together with Mobile) Testing inwards 2 ways,

i) Manual Testing
ii) Automated Testing together with Test Automation

Testing Software (Computer together with Mobile) manually without using whatever Test Tool or Test script is called manual Testing.

Testing Sofotware (Computer together with Mobile) yesteryear using whatever Test Tool or Test Script is called Test Automation or Automated Testing.

Types of Software
i. System Software  -Operating Systems Ex: MS Windows, UNIX..., Divice Drivers Ex: Printer...
ii. Programming Software Example: C, C++, Java, .NET, Oracle....
iii. Application Software Example: Banking, Insurance, ERP, Ecommerce, Healthcare...

Types of Computer Software Applications....
i. Desktop Applications (I-tier, II-tier...)
ii. Web Applications (III-tier, N-Tier...)
iii. Hybrid Applications (Basically Desktop Applications together with communicate amongst web...)

Types of Mobile Software Applications...
i. Native Application
ii. Web Applications/ Web Apps
iii. Hybrid Applications

Note: Selenium supports Computer Web Applications together with Mobile Web Applications, only It doesn't support, Desktop Applications together with Mobile Native Applications.
Computer together with Mobile Software Applications Computer together with Mobile Software Applications
We  can comport Automated Testing for Computer Software Applications using Selenium, UFT (formerly QTP), RFT, LoadRunner etc...Tools together with for Mobile Software Applications using Appium, Selendroid, Webload etc..Tools.


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