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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What are the Challenges you lot faced inward Selenium Automation?

What are the Challenges y'all faced inwards Selenium Automation?

Challenges inwards Selenium Test Automation

I convey faced then many challenges inwards my electrical flow projection Test Automation using Selenium.

Ours is Enterprise Application, Insurance Domain, together with Operating Environment is Windows 10 together with Server side is Windows 2008 Server,
As per the Customer requirement nosotros require to comport Browser compatibility Testing also, Our selenium exam scripts were executed properly inwards Firefox Browser, but inwards IE browser nosotros faced then many issues similar timeout problems/Synchronization problems...We institute that IE Browser is slower than Firefox browser inwards Test illustration execution...
What are the Challenges y'all faced inwards Selenium Automation What are the Challenges y'all faced inwards Selenium Automation?
We faced around difficulties inwards treatment Dynamic elements inwards our spider web pages...
And nosotros faced around problems inwards Extracting information from around spider web tables, together with Extracting information from dynamic spider web tables.  

In or AUT (Application Under Test) then many uploading together with downloading files scenarios together with There Is no whatever forthwith ascendency to upload or download files from spider web page using selenium WebDriver.
We faced around challenges inwards treatment multiple popup, inwards our AUT then many Popup windows, nosotros tin handgrip Popup windows using Selenium but inwards our application, around popup windows were non handled using regular methods 
Bitmap comparing was non supported past times Selenium, nosotros manually did this....
And finally, it is non the challenge, nosotros convey spent to a greater extent than fourth dimension than expected on Selenium Automation due to Framework implementation, no built inwards object repository, inwards selenium, together with no built inwards number study facility...
Limitations of Selenium...

1) Selenium supports Web based Applications only, it doesn't back upwards Desktop Applications/Windows based Applications.

2) Selenium doesn't convey built-n Object Repository similar UFT/QTP to keep objects/elements inwards a centralized location, but nosotros tin overcome this limitation using Page Object model.

3) Selenium WebDriver (main tool inwards selenium's tool suite) doesn't convey IDE (Integrated evolution Environment), then nosotros require to write code for every Test step.

4) Selenium doesn't convey built-in Result Reporting facility, nosotros tin overcome this drawback using Testing Framework Assert Methods/Commands or using programming features.

5) Since selenium is Open Source Software no reliable Technical Support similar Commercial tools UFT, RFT etc...

6) Image based Testing is Difficult using Selenium.


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