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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Page Object Model inward Selenium

Page Object Model inward Selenium

What is Page Object Model?

Page Object model is an object blueprint pattern to create Object Repository for spider web elements/objects (Ex: Links, Buttons, Edit boxes etc...).
Under this model, container classes for spider web elements are created that acquit equally object repositories.

Advantages of Page Object Model

• Centralized maintenance of elements/objects
• Reusability, reduces duplication of code
• It is Efficient as well as Scalable
• It makes the framework user friendly.

Disadvantages of Page Object Model

• Initial endeavor investment inward evolution of Automation Framework is high.
• It is non a generic model, automation framework developed using POM approach is specific to the application. 

Implement Page Object Model

In this approach all pages spider web elements of the application as well as the user actions on these Web Elements are maintained equally methods within a degree file.


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