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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Introduction to Appium

Introduction to Appium

1) Appium is an Open origin Test Automation Framework for Automating Mobile Software Applications,  launched inwards 2012.

Three types of Mobile Software Applications

i) Native Applications

(Native Apps alive on the device in addition to are accessed through icons on the device domicile screen, they are installed through an application store(such every bit Google Play, Apple's App Store)

ii) Mobile Web Applications
(Web Apps are non existent apps, they are spider web sites stored on a remote server in addition to delivered over the  Internet through a spider web browser)

iii) Hybrid Applications
(Hybrid apps are similar native apps, run on the device, they accept integration alongside device's file organisation in addition to integration alongside spider web services.)
2) Appium supports Android in addition to iOs devices, it drives iOS in addition to Android apps using WebDriver protocol.
i) Android

(Android is an Open origin Operating System for mobile devices such every bit smart phones, tablet computers. It owned past times Google, offering users access to Google's ain services similar Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail etc...

ii) iOS
(iPhone Operating System is a mobile operating organisation developed past times Apple Inc, in addition to distributed entirely for Apple hardware, it shortly powers many of the company's mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad in addition to iPod touch)
3) Appium enables Android in addition to iOS automation using Selenium Webdriver. The same WebDriver binding tin hold out used across spider web in addition to mobile.
4) It is Cross-platform, unmarried API industrial plant for both Android in addition to iOS platform.
5) Appium supports all languages that accept Selenium customer libraries like,
C# etc... to exercise Test Scripts
6) Appium supports Software Test Automation on Emulators or Simulators in addition to Physical devices too.
Emulator or Simulator
(Testing on existent devices is expensive; Emulators or Simulators are virtual environments, non simply expand our Testing coverage to to a greater extent than devices, but also quick in addition to tardily means to test.)
7) Prerequisite to purpose Appium

i) Android SDK
ii) JDK (Java Development Kit)
iii) TestNG
iv) Eclipse
v) Selenium Server JAR
vi) WebDriver Language binding library
vii) Appium for Windows.

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