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Friday, August 3, 2018

Drawbacks of Manual Testing

Drawbacks of Manual Testing

tin live on done inward 2 ways,

a) Manual Testing

Testing Computer Software manually without using whatever Automation Tool. 

Important Tasks inward Manual Testing:

•    Testers derive Test scenarios from Requirements, Document Test Cases in addition to collect Test Data.

•    Testers Execute Test Cases, if they notice whatever deviations from expected thence Report Defects.

b) Test Automation / Automated Testing

Testing Computer software using whatever Software tool similar UFT or Selenium or RFT or SilkTest etc…

Important Tasks inward Test Automation:

•    Testers generate Tests /Test Scripts using Test Tool’s IDE features in addition to supported programming features.

•    Test Tool Executes Tests (Test Batches) without User/ Tester interaction in addition to supply try results.

•    Testers analyze Test Result in addition to post Defect Reports if they notice whatever deviations from requirements.

Drawbacks of Manual Testing

i) Manual Testing requires to a greater extent than fourth dimension or to a greater extent than resources, simply about times both Time in addition to Resources.

(Covering all areas of the Application requires to a greater extent than Tests, Creating all possible Test cases, in addition to executing Test cases takes to a greater extent than time. If it is Test Automation, Test tool tin execute Tests quickly.)

ii) Less Accuracy

(Human Users (Testers) may brand mistakes, thence nosotros cannot aspect to a greater extent than accuracy inward Manual Testing,

If it is Test Automation / Automated Testing, if you lot supply the right logic thence test tool tin supply right output.)

iii) Performance testing is impractical inward manual testing.

(Organizing Thousands of Machines / Computers in addition to human Users is impractical, If it is Test Automation, nosotros tin practise thousands of Virtual users in addition to using three or four Computers nosotros tin apply the Load in addition to try the Performance of the Application)

iv) Comparing large total of information is impractical. 

(Comparing 2 Databases that possess got thousands of records is impractical, but it is really is inward Test Automation.)

v) Processing modify requests during software maintenance takes to a greater extent than time.
vi) Batch Testing is possible, but for each try execution Human user interaction is mandatory.

(Batch Testing agency executing serial of tests, In Batch Testing for every try instance execution User / Tester interaction is mandatory, If it is Test Automation Test tool tin execute serial of Tests without human user interaction.)

vii) GUI Objects Size difference in addition to Color combinations etc.. are non slowly to notice inward Manual Testing.

viii) Manual Test Case reach is really less, if it is Automated test, reach is more.

(In Manual Testing, Test instance reach is really express why because Tester/user tin concentrate on 1 or two Verification points only, If it is Test Automation, Test tool (Tool also Software) tin concentration on multiple verification points at a time.)
ix) Executing same tests 1 time again in addition to 1 time again is fourth dimension taking procedure every bit good every bit Tedious.

(Sometimes we demand to execute same tests using multiple sets of Test data, for each try iteration user interaction is mandatory, In Test Automation using Test Data information file (either Text file or Excel file or Database file) nosotros tin easily acquit Data driven Testing.)

x) For every free you lot must rerun the same gear upwards of tests which tin live on tiresome.

(We demand to execute Sanity Test Cases and Regression Test cases on every modified build, it takes more time. In Automated Testing / Test Automation 1 time nosotros tin practise Tests thence Tool tin execute Tests multiple times quickly.)
Advantages of Manual Testing

i) No Environment Limitations

(Irrespective of the AUT (Application Under Test) environs nosotros can purpose Manual Test Process, If it is Test Automation thence many environs limitations,


UFT/QTP doesn't back upwards Linux Operating Environment.

Selenium doesn't back upwards Desk Applications Test Automation.)

ii) Programming Knowledge is non required.

(In Manual Testing, Understanding Requirements, Documenting Test Cases in addition to Executing Test Cases are the of import tasks, but Programming is non used. 

If it is Test Automation every tool uses anyone Programming linguistic communication to elevate try cases, thence programming cognition is mandatory for Test Automation.)

iii) Recommendable for Dynamically changing GUI designs.

(If the Graphical User Interface of the Application changes dynamically thence Test Automation is non recommendable.)
iv) Recommendable for Usability Testing.

(Human user only tin judge the aspect & experience accepts, We cannot banking concern fit User friendliness of the System (AUT) using Test tools.)

v) Manual testing allows for human observation, which may live on to a greater extent than useful to notice potential defects.

(In Manual Testing, User / Tester interacts to a greater extent than amongst the AUT thence it is slowly to notice defects in addition to Tester tin supply suggestions to the evolution team.) 


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