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Monday, September 18, 2017

Connect Android Device With PC In USB Debugging Mode To Run Appium Test

You necessitate to connect existent android device alongside PC inwards USB debugging mode inwards guild to move android app automation tests inwards existent android device using appium. Later on nosotros volition likewise acquire how to move android app exam inwards virtual device. First nosotros volition role actual android device which is connected alongside PC in USB debugging mode to move test. So yous must know how to enable USB debugging vogue inwards android device as well as connect alongside your PC.

PREREQUISITES : Previous 7 STEPS of appium configuration In windows should endure completed.

Enable Developer Option In Android Device
Previously if yous convey non enabled "developer options" inwards your android device as well as then ane time yous necessitate to enable it inwards guild to switch device inwards USB debugging mode. Otherwise yous tin non access USB debugging vogue inwards your device.

Verify Developer Option Is Enabled?
To banking company agree Developer Option is enabled or not,
  • Go to Settings.
  • Check if at that topographic point is whatever selection similar "Developer Option"?
If Developer Option is enabled as well as then it volition display there. Otherwise follow the steps given bellow to enable it.

Enable Developer Option
To enable Developer Option inwards android device,
  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll downward to bottom as well as tap on About Phone.
  • Scroll downward bottom ane time to a greater extent than on About Phone screen. You volition encounter option Build number.
  • Tap 7 times on Build number selection ane past times one. After iii tap, It volition root showing yous message like.. "You are at nowadays ii steps away from existence a developer" every bit shown inwards bellow image.
  • After 7 times Build number option tap, It volition demo yous message "You are at nowadays a developer!" every bit shown inwards bellow image.
  • Now acquire dorsum to Settings and scroll downward bottom.
  • You volition encounter selection Developer Options higher upward About Phone every bit shown inwards bellow image.

Connect Device With PC And Start USB Debugging Mode
Note : Let me warn yous earlier enabling USB debugging vogue inwards your android device. Enable USB debugging entirely when yous necessitate it. Leaving it enabled all the time is form of a safety run a endangerment every bit it allows high-level access to your android device. So disable it right away when yous convey non whatever job of it.

To root USB Debugging mode,
  • Connect your device alongside PC using USB cable.
  • Go to Settings -> Developer options.
  • There volition endure selection USB debugging alongside banking company agree box. Check it.
  • It volition enquire yous to "Allow USB debugging?". Tap on OK.

It volition enable USB debugging vogue for your android device.

Verify Device Connected Properly With PC
To verify device is connected properly alongside PC alongside USB debugging mode,
  • Open ascendency prompt inwards your PC.
  • Run ascendency adb devices.

It volition demo yous listing of connected devices alongside your PC. If non display whatever device inwards listing that agency at that topographic point is some consequence alongside device connectedness or USB debugging vogue is non enabled properly.

Note : If appear upward whatever consequence inwards android device detecting alongside PC, Please install PDANet+ for Android inwards your organisation every bit described inwards THIS POST.

This is the way to enable developer vogue as well as USB debugging vogue inwards your android device to connect it alongside PC inwards evolution environment. Now yous tin move native apps automation exam inwards physical devices using appium as well as selenium webdriver. We volition acquire it inwards my upcoming posts. Next ship volition demo yous how to locate dissimilar elements of android native app using uiautomatorviewer.

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