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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How To Download And Install Appium In Windows With Steps

You must demand to install appium if you lot demand mobile software apps automation testing. Till now, We convey configured android evolution environs inwards windows to run appium automation tests on android devices as well as emulators as well as nosotros convey installed other required software for appium in previous post. Now nosotros demand to download and install appium inwards windows to run native/web ios/android software automation tests using selenium webdriver. Bellow given steps volition conduct you lot to install appium inwards windows.

1. Download Appium
Before download as well as install appium inwards windows, Please brand certain bellow given prerequisites are fulfilled.
  1. JDK Installed. View THIS POST.
  2. Android SDK Installed. View THIS POST.
  3. Set ANDROID_HOME as well as Path Environment Variables. View THIS POST.
  4. Eclipse ADT Plugin Installed. View THIS POST.
  5. Microsoft .Net Framework, Node JS and PDANet+ for Android Installed. View THIS POST.
For downloading appium inwards windows,
  • Go to THIS PAGE.
  • Click on Download Appium button.
  • It volition download zippo file.
  • When download completes, Extract zippo file.You volition get AppiumForWindows folder every bit shown bellow.
2. Install Appium
  • Open AppiumForWindows folder. "appium-installer.exe" file volition last there.
  • Double click on "appium-installer.exe" file to install appium. It volition commencement installing appium.
  • It volition enquire you lot to choose setup language.
  • Select English linguistic communication as well as click on OK.
  • It volition launch Appium Setup Wizard. Click on Next button.

  • Next covert volition enquire you lot to choose appium destination location. Leave it every bit it is as well as click on Next.

  • Next covert volition enquire you lot to laid cite of appium. Leave it every bit it is as well as click on Next.
  • Click Next on Select Additional Tasks screen.
  • On Ready To Install screen, Click on Install button. It volition commencement installation.
  • At the terminate of installation, It volition demo Completing the Appium Setup Wizard. Select Launch Appium depository fiscal establishment lucifer box as well as click on Finish button.
  • It volition launch Appium every bit shown bellow.

Appium is installed as well as educate to use.

3. Configure Appium
Appium volition launch amongst default configuration parameters. To cut errors during software automation exam execution, You demand to set/modify few appium parameters every bit per your requirement if they are incorrect or non laid properly. See bellow.

Android Settings :
  • Click on Android Settings push clit every bit shown inwards bellow image.
  • Select Platform Name = Android
  • Select Automation Name = Appium
  • Select PlatformVersion = Your android device's OS version. For me it is 4.2 Jelly Bean.

General Settings
  • Click on General Settings push clit every bit shown inwards bellow image.
  • Note downwards Server Address as well as Post number. We demand it during appium software automation exam script creation. Server Address is : as well as Port number is : 4723.
  • Un-check Pre-Launch Application depository fiscal establishment lucifer box if it is checked.

Leave all other settings every bit it is.

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