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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Implementing Calc Sum Test In Selenium WebDriver DDF

In Previous Step, We accept Implemented URL centralization In DDF to brand your futurity URL maintenance tardily as well as you lot tin laissez passer notice modify exam site URL from 1 place. Now side past times side pace Is to write about WebDriver exam code. In this pace We volition Implement uncomplicated calc exam In our exam case.

Prerequisite : WebDriver DDF creation steps from Step 1 to Step 25 should hold out Implemented. You volition detect links for all steps on this MASTER PAGE.

For What This Test Is
This Is rattling uncomplicated calc exam to Sum 3 Integer values. It volition role excel file's exam information sheet's information to fix the xpath of calc buttons. In short, We volition role excel canvas information In our webdriver exam example to perform about activeness on page as well as larn the result.

Download Required Files
Right now, nosotros volition Implemented this exam alone In test example file. Letter on, We volition Implement It In all exam cases. For now, you lot accept to download file. Download bellow given zilch folder to get
Replace existing file amongst downloaded file In "com.stta.SuiteOne" package. 

Running Test
Double click on "Shortcut to Run Test.bat" file on desktop. It volition rootage running your exam cases. During test example execution, Webdriver volition click on calc buttons equally per information laid lines values of SuiteOneCaseOne excel sheet.

If you lot volition encounter log file, It volition exhibit you lot information laid line's total equally shown In bellow given Image.

What nosotros accept achieved from this step
We accept used exam information from exel canvas to perform actions on calc application using selenium webdriver information driven framework.

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