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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Steps To Install Eclipse ADT Plugin To Use Android SDK With Eclipse

Earlier nosotros learnt how to install android SDK inwards THIS POST too laid ANDROID_HOME too Path variable inwards THIS POST to laid android evolution too software app exam surroundings inwards windows. Now this is fourth dimension to integrate android SDK amongst eclipse IDE to access SDK tools inwards eclipse IDE. Android offers plugin called Android Developer Tools (ADT) to integrate android evolution surroundings inwards eclipse IDE. After installing ADT inwards eclipse, You tin setup android project, debug apps too ready apps.

However nosotros CAN role it to launch android emulators through eclipse to run software automation tests on it using appium. Also you lot tin launch android virtual devices(Emulator) right away from SDK folder -> AVD Manager.exe. So this is optional stride but nonetheless allow me pull you lot how to produce it if you lot wishing to launch AVD Manager from eclipse.

Download And Installing ADT plugin inwards eclipse
Bellow given steps volition pull you lot how to install ADT plugin inwards eclipse.

Bellow given tools/components should endure available/installed
Steps to install ADT plugin inwards eclipse IDE.
  • Open eclipse IDE
  • Go to Help -> Install New Software. It volition opened upward Install software dialog.
  • Click on Add push clit every bit shown inwards bellow image. It volition opened upward Add Repository dialog.

  • Set URL "" inwards Location text box too click on OK push clit every bit shown inwards in a higher house snap. It volition charge Developer Tools amongst cheque box.
  • Select all cheque box of developer tools every bit shown inwards bellow picture too click on Next button. It volition convey you lot to installation details.
  • Click on Next push clit every bit shown inwards bellow image. It volition convey you lot to Review Licenses screen.
  • On Review Licenses screen, Select I convey the price of the license understanding pick too click on Finish push clit every bit shown bellow.
  • It volition commencement installing ADT plugin every bit shown bellow.
  • On completion of ADT plugin, It volition enquire you lot to restart eclipse IDE. Click on Yes to restart eclipse IDE.

ADT Plugin is installed inwards eclipse

Set SDK Location
You involve to laid SDK folder path afterwards installation of ADT plugin which enables eclipse to integrate amongst android software evolution environment. Follow the steps given bellow.
  • Open eclipse IDE Preferences dialog from Windows -> Preferences.

  • Select Android on Preferences dialog.
  • Set SDK folder path inwards SDK Location box. SDK folder is located inwards my E: induce which comprise all android SDK related stuff. View THIS POST for to a greater extent than item on SDK folder.

Verify Android SDK configured properly amongst eclipse
To verify if android SDK is integrated properly or not
  • Go to Eclipse IDE's Windows menu -> Select Android SDK Manager.
  • It volition opened upward Android SDK Manager dialog every bit shown bellow.

This confirms that android SDK is integrated properly amongst eclipse IDE using ADT plugin.

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