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Friday, March 2, 2018

Software Testing Principles


  1. A necessary business office of a essay illustration is a Definition of the expected output or result.

  2. A programmer should avoid attempting to essay his or her ain program.

  3. A programming arrangement should non essay its ain programs.

  4. Thoroughly inspect the results of each test.

  5. Test cases must hold out written for invalid as well as unexpected, too every bit valid as well as expected, input conditions.

  6. Examining a plan to come across if it does non produce what it is supposed to produce is solely one-half of the battle. The other one-half is seeing whether the plan does what it is non supposed to do.

  7. Avoid throw-away essay cases unless the plan is really a throw-a agency program.

  8. Do non conception a testing campaign nether the tacit supposition that no errors volition hold out found.

  9. The probability of the beingness of to a greater extent than errors inward a department of a plan is proportional to the release of errors already institute inward that section.

  10. Testing is an extremely creative as well as intellectually challenging task.

  11. Testing is the procedure of executing a plan alongside the intent of finding errors.

  12. A expert essay illustration is i that has a high probability of detecting an as-yet undiscovered error.

  13. A successful essay illustration is i that detects an as-yet undiscovered error.

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