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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Some Myths virtually Software Testing


  1. Testing is exclusively reactive inwards nature.

  2. Testers accept to accept amount domain expertise.

  3. Anybody tin move produce testing.

  4. Automation should ever travel utilized.

  5. "Formal" methods are "too much" for our company.

  6. Testing ever increases evolution costs.

  7. There is no request to convey testers inwards early.

  8. Exploratory testing is ever ineffective.

  9. Adding to a greater extent than testers to a projection volition trim testing fourth dimension

  10. Testing tin move ever discovery all bugs if plenty fourth dimension is given.

  11. Testing does not, past times itself, meliorate software quality.

  12. Everybody tin move produce a examination automation

  13. Automation tin move eliminate or trim manual testers.

  14. The same testing strategy tin move travel applied for manual software testing together with automated software testing

  15. Testing is the procedure of demonstrating that defects are non acquaint inwards the application that was developed.

  16. Testing is the activeness or procedure which shows or demonstrates that a plan or organisation performs all intended functions correctly.

  17. Testing is the activeness of establishing the necessary 'confidence' that a plan or organisation does what it is supposed to do, based on the gear upward of requirements that the user has specified.

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