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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Why Do We Test a Software?

What is the quest to exam a software? Why should a companionship convey a squad for software testing in addition to lineament assurance? Why to exam ? These are closed to questions, every Software Tester has to confront regularly throughout his testing career. Let me endeavour in addition to give an 1 judgement response to all these question.

To Reduce Costly Errors
The toll of errors inwards software tin flaming vary from nil at all to large amounts of coin in addition to fifty-fifty the loss of life. There are hundreds of stories close failures of reckoner systems that convey been attributed to errors inwards software. There are many reasons why systems neglect but the number that stands out the most is the lack of adequate testing.

These good documented stories emphasise the necessity for right in addition to thorough testing, every bit the risks involved were non merely measured inwards fiscal price but inwards human lives! There are consummate disasters that convey occurred inwards the evolution of novel systems that convey caused huge fiscal losses, which could convey been avoided through effective testing.


Pepsi - $42 Billion Error

In May 1992, Pepsi ran a advertisement inwards the Philippines. It told customers they could win a 1 1000 m pesos (approx. $40,000) if they bought a bottle of Pepsi in addition to flora number 349 stamped on the underside of the bottle cap. Unfortunately, due to a software error, 800,000 bottle caps were produced amongst number 349 instead of one, which was an equivalent of $42 billion inwards prize money. It toll the companionship dearly every bit closed to people pursued their claims through the courts in addition to Pepsi paid out millions of dollars inwards compensation.

Cahoot - Web Site Failure

Cahoot, Abbey National's online bank, was launched June 2000. On its starting fourth dimension twenty-four hr menstruum of operation, inside xc minutes of trading, the arrangement failed, causing the website to crash.

This was caused past times high client need placed on the site next Cahoot's successful marketing incentive scheme. It was later on discovered that the registration application in addition to its integration amongst the network were non fully tested.

The arrangement should convey been designed to care amongst this surge of website hits in addition to high book of concurrent users. If a web-based charge in addition to performance exam had been carried out before inside the evolution life wheel of the project, this applications server bottleneck could convey been identified prior to going live.

Chemical Bank
Another even out was printed inwards the New York Times inwards Feb 1994. Chemical Bank managed to let $15 1 1000 m to hold upwards withdrawn incorrectly from 100,000 accounts - a unmarried trouble mistake inwards the computer program caused every ATM on their network to procedure the transaction twice.

And the bottomline is each of these errors could convey been avoided amongst effective testing of the software. So nosotros exam to avoid/reduce costly errors.

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