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Friday, May 25, 2018

Donald Trump Effect on Indian information technology Industry

Donald Trump Effect on Indian information technology Industry

Indian Information Technology Field/area is the largest Private Industry inwards India, It has nearly 37 Lakh / 3.7 Million Employees, as well as this sector has increased its contribution to India's gross domestic product from 1.2% inwards 1998 to 7.5% inwards 2012, According to NASSCOM,

Indian Railways, Number ane Government sector inwards Bharat having nearly xiv Lakh/1.4 Million Employees. So Now inwards Bharat information technology Sector is the largest manufacture which providing Lakhs of Jobs. Our information technology Exports nearly 60% to US...
Donald Trump Effect on Indian information technology Industry Donald Trump Effect on Indian information technology Industry
Famous information technology Hubs inwards Bharat inwards price of revenue equally good equally Employees are,

i) Bangalore
ii) NCR (National Capital Region, Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, as well as Noida)
iii) Hyderabad
iv) Chennai
v) Mumbai
vi) Pune
vii) Kolkata...

Now, later electing Donald Trump equally the States President, vast changes inwards the Indian information technology Industry, due to their Visa Policies as well as Hiring rules our Indians are losing their Jobs, non exclusively US, Commonwealth of Australia as well as UK of Britain as well as Northern Republic of Ireland too changed their Visa Rules.

US, UK, as well as Commonwealth of Australia Visa Rules as well as Hiring Rules non exclusively effecting Bharat  Job Seekers too on Indian Students whoever wants to report inwards those Countries.

IT Companies similar Wipro, Cognizant, Infosys, Capgemini Etc... are planning to layoff Indian Employees as well as recruiting Local people inwards US, 

I mean value 2 of import things were affected on Indian information technology Job Seekers, 

i) Automation inwards all information technology divisions,
ii) the States as well as Other developed countries Visa restrictions as well as hiring rules

So live on careful almost your information technology Career, endeavor to amend your skills as well as create difficult work...
This is the 3rd or quaternary crisis inwards the Information Technology Industry since 1997 (Last xx Years), inwards 2000 too nosotros faced a large crisis inwards this Industry merely that fourth dimension crisis for entire information technology World, this fourth dimension Indian information technology Industry is to a greater extent than effected than other countries.  


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