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Friday, May 25, 2018

Overview of Web Applications

 Software Technologies for Web Development together with Use Overview of Web Applications
Overview of Web Applications

1) What is Web Application?
2) What are Popular Web Browsers?
3) Types of Web Applications
4) Software Technologies for Web Development together with Use
Nowadays nearly of the Computer Software Applications are Web Applications, Web Applications usage is growing twenty-four hr menstruum yesteryear day, thence Information Technology Professionals quest to familiar amongst Web Applications, specially Software Developer, together with Software Testers.

1) What is Web Application?

A Web Application or Web App is Software that runs on a Web Server. Unlike traditional desktop applications, which are launched yesteryear a Web Browser.

In gild to access/use whatsoever Software Application (Desktop or Web Application) Operating System is required/mandatory.

If it is Desktop Application similar Notepad or Acrobat Reader nosotros tin strength out launch those applications from the Operating System, simply switch on the Computer, together with subsequently booting the System nosotros tin strength out operate Desktop Applications. If it is Web Application Boot the System, launch a Browser together with navigate to Web Application yesteryear typing the URL of the Web Application inward the Browser Address bar, together with then access the Application, at terminate unopen the browser.

2) What are Popular Web Browsers?

A Computer Program/Software amongst a graphical user interface for displaying HTML files, used to navigate the Web Applications (Intranet together with Internet).

Popular Computer Browsers

i) Google Chrome: It was released inward 2008, its marketplace portion about 68%
ii) Mozilla Firefox: It was released inward 2004, its marketplace portion about 19%
iii) Internet Explorer: It was released inward 1995, its marketplace portion about 6.5%

3) Types of Web Applications

i) Types of Web Applications yesteryear usage

a) Intranet Application

It is a someone spider web application, tin strength out last accessed inside the Organization solely using LAN (Local Area Network), It uses Local /Private Network together with Internet Protocol technology to portion information. 

b) Internet Application

It is a populace spider web application, uses Wide surface area network to portion data equally well as for concern Operations together with it tin strength out last accessed from anywhere using 
Internet protocols.

c) Extranet Application

It is likewise a someone application over internet, tin strength out last accessed yesteryear fixed machines 
only. It uses Wide surface area network together with Internet Protocol applied scientific discipline to share 
information together with concern operations. 

ii) Types of Web Applications yesteryear nature of the business

a) Websites

Basically websites are data providers, they render data globally 
using meshing protocols.  


b) Web Portals

Web portals are concern gateways, they organize concern operations.

Example: Online shopping Portals, Job portals etc... 

c) Enterprise Applications

These Web applications render Business Operations together with services (Free together with Paid) apart from information.


d) Social Networking Applications

A social networking service is an online platform that is used yesteryear people to build 
social networks or social relations amongst other people.

Example:,, etc...

e) Email Service Applications

Online e-mail service providers enable users to send, have together with review e-mail 
from their Web browsers. 

Example:,, etc...

4) Software Technologies for Web Development together with For Production

i) Web Browsers

a) Microsoft Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge
b) Mozilla Firefox
c) Google Chrome
d) Opera
e) Safari etc...

ii) Web Protocols

b) HTTPS Etc...

iii) Web Page Design 

c) CSS etc...

iv) Programming

a) JavaScript
b) PHP
c) Python
d) Java
e) .NET Etc...

v) Web Servers

a) Microsoft IIS
b) Apache Tomcat Etc...

vi) Application Servers

a) IBM WebSpeare
b) Oracle WebLogic
b) Jboss Etc...

vii) Database Servers

a) MS SQL Server
b) Oracle
c) MySQL Etc...

Note: So many other technologies likewise at that spot for Web Development that I volition explicate inward some other post.


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