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Monday, August 6, 2018



1) Career inwards

( Career: Introduction to , Skills required to cash inwards one's chips a Software Tester, Academic Background, Comuter together with Mobile Software, Software Tester Job Responsibilities, together with Scope of )

2) Overview of

(Overview of - Brief Introduction to Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC Models, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Software Test Design Techniques, together with Software Test Process / Life Cycle.)
3) Software Development Life Cycle

(Software Development Life Cycle - Phases of Software Development Life Cycle, Requirements Gathering, Analysis together with Planning, Software Design (High Level Design & Low Level Design), Implementation or Coding, Testing, together with Software Release & Maintenance)
4) Software Development Life Cycle Models

(Software Development Life Cycle Models - Sequential Development Models, Incremental Models  and Iterative Models. Waterfall Model, V Model, Spiral Model, Prototype Model, together with Agile evolution Models.)
5) Software Test Levels

(Software Test Levels - Four Levels of Testing, Unit/Component Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, together with Acceptance Testing.)
6) Software Test Types

(Software Test Types - Functional together with Non-Functional Testing, Functionality Testing, Security Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing, Reliability Testing, Recovery Testing, Compatibility Testing etc... )
7) Life Cycle

( Life Cycle - Software Test Process or Software exam Life Cycle phases, Software Test Planning, Test Design (Test Case Documentation, together with Test Data collection), Test Execution (Defect Report & Tracking), together with Test Closure (Test summary Report...))
8) Software Test Planning

(Software Test Process Part 1 - Test Planning - Test Planning Phase inwards Software Test Process/Software Test Life Cycle, Reference Documents for Test Planning, Team Formation, Test Strategy implementation, Test Plan Documentation together with Configuration Management Planning.)
9) Software Test Design

(Software Test Process Part two - Test Design - Test Design Phase inwards Software Test Process / Software Test Life Cycle, Derive Test Scenarios, Test Case Template, Test Case Documentation, together with Test Data Collection.)
10) Software Test Design Techniques

(Software Test Design Techniques - White box Test pattern Techniques, Black box Test Design Techniques, together with Experience based Techniques. Equivalence Classes, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing, State Transition Testing together with Use Case Testing.)
11) Software Test Execution

(Software Test Process Part three - Test Execution - Test Execution Phase inwards Software Test Process / Software Test Life Cycle, Creating Test Batches, Test Execution Levels, Smoke Testing, Comprehensive Testing, Defect Reporting & Tracking, Re & Regression Testing, Sanity Testing, Regression Test Cycles, together with Final Regression.)
12) Software Test Closure

(Software Test Process Part four - Test Closure - Test Closure Phase inwards Software Test Process / Software Test Life Cycle, Evaluating Exit Criteria, Collect Test Artifacts, Test Deliverables, Improvement Suggestions for time to come Projects. )
Other Tutorials
1) Introduction to Computer Software

(Overview of Computer Software, Types of Computer Software, System Software, programming Software, Application Software, Software Application Environments, I-Tier Applications, II-Tier Applications, III-Tier Applications, together with N-Tier Applications)

2) Introduction to Mobile Software

(Overview of Mobile Software, Mobile Operating Systems, Mobile Browsers, Types of Mobile Software Applications, Mobile Native Applications, Mobile Web Applications,  and Mobile Hybrid Applications.

3) Web Testing Tutorial

(Web Testing Tutorial - Introduction to Software Web Environment, Types of Web Applications, Web functionality Testing, Web Security Testing, Usability Testing, Interface Testing, Compatibility Testing, functioning Testing, Verifying Links, Web fields together with forms validations, together with Cookies Testing.) 
4) UNIX Knowledge for Software Testers 

(UNIX Knowledge for Software Testers - Introduction to UNIX Operating Environment, Flavors of UNIX, together with UNIX Commands.)
5) SQL Knowledge for Software Testers

(SQL Knowledge for Software Testers - Introduction to SQL, Sub sets of SQL (DDL, DML together with DCL), SQL Data Types, Operators, Functions, SQL Queries together with Sub Queries, Joins, Views together with Normalization.)
 Skills required to cash inwards one's chips a Software Tester  Tutorials
Detailed Tutorials
1) Overview of Computer together with Mobile Software

2) Software Environments (I, II, III, together with due north - Tier)

3) Software Development Life Cycle

4) Waterfall Model

5) V Model

6) Prototype Model

7) Agile Methodology

8) Overview of Software Test Levels

9) Unit Testing

10) Integration Testing

11) System Testing

12) Acceptance Testing

13) Overview of Software Test Types

14) Functional Testing

15) Non Functional Testing

16) Overview of Software Test Design Techniques

17) Black box Test pattern Techniques

18) White box Test Design Techniques

19) Experienced based Techniques

20) Overview of Software Test Process / STLC

21) Test Planning stage inwards STLC

22) Test Plan Documentation

23) Test Design stage inwards STLC

24) Test Case Documentation

25) Test Data Collection

26) Test Execution stage inwards STLC

27) Test Execution Levels

28) Defect Reporting

29) Defect Management Process

30) Overview of Test Closure

31) Test Summary Report

32) Overview of Test Documents

33) Software Test Closure

34) Database Testing

35) Web Testing

36) Usability Testing

37) Performance Testing

38) Security Testing

39) Mobile

40) Programming Knowledge for Testers

41) SQL/Database Knowledge for Testers

42) UNIX Knowledge for Testers
43) Banking Domain Knowledge for Testers

44) Insurance Domain Knowledge for Testers

45) ERP Domain Knowledge for Testers

46) Healthcare Domain Knowledge for Testers

47) Ecommerce Domain Knowledge for Testers

48) Telecom Domain Knowledge for Testers
49) Overview of Certifications

50) ISTQB Certifications
51) Software Test Engineer Job Responsibilities

52) Software Test Lead Job Responsibilities

53) Live Testing Project

54) Writing Functional Test Cases

55) Writing Performance Test Cases

56) Writing Database Test Cases

57) Writing Security Test Cases

58) Writing Usability Test Cases
59) Requirements Traceability Matrices

60) Test Strategy

61) Test Estimations

62) Test Policy
63) Regression Testing

64) Maintenance Testing
65) Resume Preparation Guidelines


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