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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Top five Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions And Answers Part-1

Now a days, Many companies are using selenium webdriver to automate spider web application testing process. Requirements of selenium webdriver automation testing tool professionals Is Increasing twenty-four threescore minutes catamenia yesteryear day. Here I am presenting listing of selenium webdriver Interview questions amongst answers to assistance yous aid Interview In information technology companies.

You can VIEW ALL SELENIUM TUTORIALS to sympathise each together with every request on selenium webdriver In deep.

Selenium Interview Questions With Answers

Part 1

1 : What Is Selenium WebDriver/Selenium 2?
Answer :
What Is Selenium WebDriver?
  • Selenium WebDriver software testing tool Is good designed object oriented API which Is developed to automate spider web together with mobile applications testing process. WebDriver API Is bigger than Selenium RC but It's Architecture Is uncomplicated together with tardily to sympathise compared Selenium RC API. 
  • We tin automate our spider web application's software testing procedure using selenium webdriver.
  • We tin tell it is advanced version of selenium RC software testing tool because about limitations of selenium RC has been overcome In selenium WebDriver software testing tool. 
  • WebDriver Is designed to render amend back upwards for dynamic changing pages. Example : Web page elements of software spider web application is changing without reloading the page. In this example WebDriver plant better.
  • Selenium Webdriver software testing tool Is to a greater extent than faster that Selenium RC software testing tool as It Is directly Interacting amongst web browsers together with mimic the deportment of a existent user. Example : User clicks on push of spider web page or moving mouse on top dog carte du jour to acquire the sub carte du jour list. WebDriver plant Same.
  • All pop browser vendors are active participants In selenium WebDriver's evolution together with all of them conduct maintain their ain engineers squad to Improve this framework. 
You tin Include answers of Question 2, Question 3, Question 4 and Question 5 In reply of this interrogation If Interviewer demand to a greater extent than exceptional on selenium webdriver.

2 : Tell Me WebDriver Supported Browsers?
Answer : Selenium WebDriver API has a many dissimilar drivers to exam your spider web application In dissimilar browsers. List of Webdriver browser drivers are equally bellow.

Selenium WebDriver Supported Browsers
  • Firefox Driver - For Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Internet Explorer Driver - For Internet Explorer browser
  • Chrome Driver - For Google Chrome browser
  • HtmlUnit Driver - GUI-Less(Headless) browser for Java programs
  • Opera Driver - For Opera browser
3 : Tell Me WebDriver Supported Mobile Application Testing Drivers?
Answer : We tin acquire back upwards of mobile software application testing using Selenium webdriver. Selenium WebDriver supports bellow given drivers to exam mobile application.

selenium supported mobile app testing drivers
  • AndroidDriver
  • OperaMobileDriver
  • IPhoneDriver
4 : Which Programming Languages Supported By Selenium WebDriver To Write Test Cases?
Answer : Selenium WebDriver Is real wast API together with It back upwards many dissimilar languages to write exam cases for your software spider web application. List of WebDriver supported languages are equally bellow.

Selenium supported languages
5 : Which Different Element Locators Supported By Selenium WebDriver?
Answer : Selenium WebDriver supports bellow given chemical constituent locators.

Selenium supported chemical constituent locators

Points to recollect for selenium interview

Few points to recollect most selenium when yous are going for selenium interview. As interviewer may wants to cheque your noesis on these things too.

1. Selenium Projects : selenium interviewer may wants to know your noesis on dissimilar selenium projects. Selenium is non a unmarried project. There are multiple selenium projects similar Selenium IDE, Selenium RC(Remote Control), Selenium WebDriver together with Selenium Grid. All these projects are developed for spider web application's testing purpose.

2. Selenium IDE is Limited version : Selenium IDE(Firefox Add-on) is tape together with playback tool. You tin automate uncomplicated spider web application scenarios(Example : Form submission, Navigation, etc..) using selenium IDE. But if yous wants to automate complex scenarios thus it volition hold upwards difficult to automate it using selenium IDE. In this case, You tin utilization selenium RC or selenium webdriver.

3. Selenium Open-source : All the selenium projects are open-source thus yous tin utilization whatever of them inwards gratuitous equally per your requirement.

4. No built-in IDE : Commercial automation tools similar QTP together with TestComplete conduct maintain it's ain IDE(Integrated evolution Environment) to write automation exam scripts. But selenium exercise non conduct maintain it's ain IDE. So it relies on other IDEs similar Eclipse(Java), Visual Studio(C#), etc.

5. Be original inwards programming : To hold upwards expert tester inwards selenium together with run amongst giant companies, You must conduct maintain rigid noesis of whatever 1 programming language. You tin select linguistic communication as  per your interest. So i am suggesting yous to hold upwards original inwards your selected linguistic communication earlier learning selenium. Interviewer volition inquire yous 60% programming linguistic communication questions together with 40% selenium interview questions.

6. What is exam automation inwards software testing? : Selenium interviewer may inquire yous this question. In software testing, Test automation is procedure of testing software application automatically using special software. It volition command exam cases execution it self, compare expected together with actual exam results together with render exam number reports.

7. What are the benefits of exam automation? :
  • Save fourth dimension together with coin : Automation testing volition salvage fourth dimension together with coin equally nosotros demand to exercise exam automation scripts only in 1 lawsuit together with thus nosotros tin run it whenever required. Automation exam scripts volition run itself thus required real less human efforts compared to manual testing. Also yous tin exam your application inwards dissimilar browsers using same exam script thus it volition decrease your rework.
  • Improve testing accuracy : Sometimes human tin brand error but machine can't. Once yous tape script inwards right way, tool volition run it every fourth dimension equally expected thus it volition improve your testing accuracy.
  • Test Coverage : As your all exam cases are scripted thus all the exam cases volition hold upwards executed inwards each exam bike on all browsers. So it volition improve your exam coverage.
8. Why selenium equally automation tool?
  • It is Open-source testing tool.
  • Able to operate it on almost all OS.
  • Selenium back upwards multiple languages to exercise exam scripts thus yous tin select your preferred language.
  • Selenium back upwards multiple browsers.
  • Good online support.
  • Selenium allow us to integrate other open-source unit of measurement testing frameworks similar TestNG, JUnit, NUnit.
  • Using selenium Grid, We tin run automation tests simultaneously on dissimilar machines, OS together with browsers.
  • Able to exercise frameworks equally per your requirement similar Keyword Driven, Data driven together with Hybrid etc.
  • We tin integrate selenium amongst maven. Maven is helpful to compile root code, ready dependencies thus that it volition download required files automatically.
  • Also nosotros tin integrate Jenkins or Hudson amongst selenium for continuous integration.
  • We tin utilization selenium to exam spider web applications inwards mobile too.
  • It is non solely testing tool but if yous conduct maintain repetitive web-based tasks thus yous tin utilization selenium to perform those tasks automatically.

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