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Saturday, February 17, 2018

An Invisible Bug that Bugged a Tester for 17 days!

What could live on the biggest touching of a põrnikas on someone’s life? Ask me. And my response would live on black circles nether your eyes! Yes, black circles. I accept spent many sleepless nights due to a põrnikas during yesteryear 17 days!

And this põrnikas was non a fellow member of the theater unit of measurement of bugs, which I normally grab daily spell testing the Products inwards my office. Rather, this was a põrnikas inwards my ain spider web log on Software Testing! Yes your jurist is right. The põrnikas was introduce inwards your real ain “Software Testing Zone”! How many of y'all had noticed it? Any way, I must acknowledge that, I was informed nearly this põrnikas yesteryear few of my spider web log readers though (Thanks Purna Chandra Gudipati, Shaifali). But earlier them, this põrnikas was caught too reported yesteryear unopen to other tester too that’s me. :)

Now coming to the bug, it was a scripting mistake (Java Script Error), which was coming amongst each Page Load. For your information, I was using IE7, too the põrnikas was as reproducible inwards Fire Fox too. The Error said “Object Expected” inwards Line No: xxxx too Char No: 2. The Line No was dissimilar for dissimilar pages of my blog. But the Char No ever pointed out the sec character. There were 2 interesting things nearly this bug. They are:

1. The Script Error was disappearing on its ain later few minutes of the Page Load! And ‘Done’ was taking house of the Script Error inwards the condition bar (left bottom corner of the browser window).

2. The business number, which was displayed inwards the Error Message, was beyond the full release of lines that I accept inwards my template! For an example, the Error message on the domicile page ever said that the mistake was inwards Line No: 1445, spell genuinely I accept alone 1118 lines of codes inwards my template! Isn’t that interesting? So the mistake was supposed to live on introduce on a virtual business of code, which was at to the lowest degree invisible to me.

These are the 2 principal reasons why, I preferred to telephone phone it an “Invisible Bug” inwards the championship of this post. Any way, põrnikas is ever a bug. Be it invisible or whatever. According to found a Java Script Error inwards Google Suggest too written a spider web log post nearly it. Also I had informed Google nearly it. Although I received a confirmation from them inside a solar daytime of reporting the bug, even too then the põrnikas is in that place inwards Google Suggest! In that shout for of view, I intend I accept fixed the script mistake inwards my spider web log much faster than Google. I promise somebody from Google is also reading this post. :)

Did anyone of y'all facial expression upwards like situations, when a põrnikas bugged your tester's ego? If so, delight create portion your sense yesteryear leaving behind your comment.

Happy Testing …

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