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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Could this survive a BUG amongst IE7 together with Mozilla Firefox2?

Recently, I received an e-mail from Akhilesh Ghildiyal (who is a regular reader of my posts in addition to also a software tester), almost the presence of a põrnikas inwards “Software Testing Zone”! When I saw the champaign of written report trace (Bug inwards your blog), my oculus stopped beating for a moment, thinking of nonetheless closed to other põrnikas inwards my blog. Because, simply at in i lawsuit I had got rid of the Invisible Bug later 17 days of difficult work! How ever, hither is the excerpt of his email.

Hi Debasis,

I convey flora out a põrnikas inwards your blogs ( in addition to ). The põrnikas is inwards the Sticky Notes department of your blogs. Sticky Notes inwards which you lot brand your readers to Shout.

Bug Description:
The information you lot input inwards details of Sticky Notes inwards i Tab gets visible inwards the Sticky Notes of closed to other weblog of yours inwards closed to other Tab.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. We volition live on using Mozilla Firefox ii or IE 7.
2. Open all of your blogs inwards dissimilar tabs.
3. Enter the Data inwards the fields of Sticky Note inwards i of the weblog nether tab 1.
4. Open tab ii in addition to click on Shout push of the Sticky Note.

Actual Result:
The information entered nether i tab inwards Sticky Notes is getting visible inwards Sticky Notes nether closed to other tab!


I felt lot ameliorate later I finished reading his e-mail completely! Reason? I knew this could non live on a põrnikas amongst the components of my blogs. Though I had non tested this before, I could state this because, I had faced similar situations before. My past times experiences (Testing Oracles!) were suggesting this to live on due to closed to employment amongst tabbed browsing. But how could I come upward to whatsoever determination without proper evidence?

So at showtime I retested the upshot submitted past times Akhilesh. And every bit I was expecting, his observations were right in addition to I could reproduce the bug. Now the inquiry was to evidence that this was a employment amongst tabbed browsing in addition to non amongst my blog. My tester’s intuition was telling me that this powerfulness live on happening due to incorrect treatment of session variables inwards dissimilar tabs of a unmarried browser window.

Hence I planned to exam this using my ain Gmail Id. For your information, I piece of work my Gmail Id credentials for a diversity of related Google services similar Orkut, Blogger etc. And hither are my observations.

You must live on using your Gmail trace of piece of work organisation human relationship every bit your Orkut account.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open IE7/Mozilla Firefox 2.
2. Open ii novel tabs nether the same browser window.
3. In 1 tab logon to your Gmail account.
4. In closed to other logon to your Orkut account.
5. Now logout of whatsoever of these accounts (lets state Gmail account).
6. Try to buy the farm on working inwards the other tab (in this representative Orkut account).

Actual Result:
You volition divulge the Orkut trace of piece of work organisation human relationship has automatically been logged out!!!

My Conclusion:
I observed this employment (could live on a characteristic too!) to live on associated amongst tabbed browsing. This tin terminate laissez passer on amongst whatsoever browser amongst tabbed browsing (like IE7, Mozilla Firefox ii etc.) facility.

Actually, it seems every bit if, the input entered inwards all the tabs are handled every bit unmarried information (improper session variable handling!). In this case, this happened because; my Gmail in addition to Orkut accounts are same. And logging out inwards i tab is beingness considered every bit logging out from all tabs where the same trace of piece of work organisation human relationship information is beingness used.

Now I logged on to my Gmail in addition to Orkut accounts inwards dissimilar browser windows (instead of same browser window amongst dissimilar tabs). Then logging out inwards i window did non automatically log out the other window. Even I could reproduce this põrnikas patch testing amongst my Blogger trace of piece of work organisation human relationship (as NEW Blogger uses your Gmail trace of piece of work organisation human relationship every bit login criteria).

A footling observation has led to my higher upward conclusion. My determination tin terminate live on incorrect too. But circumstantial evidences arrive at advise that this must live on the argue for such unexpected behaviour. And I mean value same argue also applies to Akhilesh’s observation inwards representative of Sticky Notes inwards my blogs.

Have whatsoever of you lot observed such behaviours inwards representative of tabbed browsing? Do portion your experiences too. And also allow me know if you lot mean value my higher upward determination is incorrect (by leaving behind a Comment).

Happy Testing …

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