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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How to Test a H2O bottle?

Andearlier “How to Test” post, I had received a comment from testing mission before y'all kickoff reading this post. And every bit my earlier post on “How to Test”, hither also my major surface area of focus would live to generate together with complaint downward to a greater extent than or less test ideas (NOT examination cases). I am non going to write whatever examination cases or log whatever bug reports here. Here are to a greater extent than or less examination ideas which came upwardly inwards a fifteen minutes brainstorming session when I sat downward together with tried to generate to a greater extent than or less test ideas to examination a H2O bottle.

Note: If I were you, before going to generate to a greater extent than or less examination ideas on how to examination a H2O bottle, I would get got liked to enquire few questions like:

1. Is it a bottle made upwardly off glass, plastic, rubber, to a greater extent than or less metal, to a greater extent than or less sort of disposable fabric or anything else?
2. Is it meant solely to concur H2O or nosotros tin purpose it amongst other fluids similar tea, coffee, soft drinks, hot chocolate, soups, wine, cooking oil, vinegar, gasoline, acids, molten lava (!) etc.?
3. Who is going to purpose this bottle? H5N1 schoolhouse going kid, a housewife, to a greater extent than or less drinkable manufacturing company, an office-goer, a sports man, a mob protesting inwards a rally (going to purpose every bit missiles), an Eskimo living inwards an igloo or an astronaut inwards a infinite ship?

These kinds of questions may allow a tester to know a production (that he is going to test) inwards a ameliorate way. In our case, I am assuming that the H2O bottle is inwards assort of a pet bottle together with genuinely made upwardly off either plastic or drinking glass (there are two versions of the product) together with is intended to live used mainly amongst water. About the targeted user, fifty-fifty the manufacturing companionship is non certain most them! (Sounds familiar! When a software companionship develops a production without clear thought most the users who are going to purpose the software!)
Test ideas:1. Check the dimension of the bottle. See if it genuinely looks similar a H2O bottle or a cylinder, a bowl, a cup, a bloom vase, a pen stand upwardly or a dustbin! [Build Verification Testing!]
2. See if the cap fits good amongst the bottle. [Installability Testing!]
3. Test if the oral cavity of the bottle is non also modest to pour water. [Usability Testing!]
4. Fill the bottle amongst H2O together with continue it on a smoothen dry out surface. See if it leaks. [Usability Testing!]
5. Fill the bottle amongst water, seal it amongst the cap together with run across if H2O leaks when the bottle is tilted, inverted, squeezed (in illustration of plastic made bottle)! [Usability Testing!]
6. Take H2O inwards the bottle together with continue it inwards the fridge for cooling. See what happens. [Usability Testing!]
7. Keep a water-filled bottle inwards the fridge for a real long fourth dimension (say a week). See what happens to the H2O and/or bottle. [Stress Testing!]
8. Keep a water-filled bottle nether freezing condition. See if the bottle expands (if plastic made) or breaks (if drinking glass made). [Stress Testing!]
9. Try to estrus (boil!) H2O past times keeping the bottle inwards a microwave oven! [Stress Testing!]
10. Pour to a greater extent than or less hot (boiling!) H2O into the bottle together with run across the effect. [Stress Testing!]
11. Keep a dry out bottle for a real long time. See what happens. See if whatever physical or chemic deformation occurs to the bottle.
12. Test the H2O afterward keeping it inwards the bottle together with run across if at that spot is whatever chemic change. See if it is safe to live consumed every bit drinking water.
13. Keep H2O inwards the bottle for sometime. And run across if the odor of H2O changes.
14. Try using the bottle amongst dissimilar types of H2O (like hard together with soft water). [Compatibility Testing!]
15. Try to imbibe H2O demand from the bottle together with run across if it is comfortable to use. Or H2O gets spilled spell doing so. [Usability Testing!]
16. Test if the bottle is ergonomically designed together with if it is comfortable to hold. Also run across if the
center of gravity of the bottle stays depression (both when empty together with when filled amongst water) together with it does non topple downward easily.
17. Drop the bottle from a reasonable peak (may live peak of a dining table) together with run across if it breaks (both amongst plastic together with drinking glass model). If it is a drinking glass bottle thus inwards most cases it may break. See if it breaks into tiny lilliputian pieces (which are ofttimes hard to clean) or breaks into squeamish large pieces (which could live cleaned without much difficulty). [Stress Testing!] [Usability Testing!]
18. Test the higher upwardly examination thought amongst empty bottles together with bottles filled amongst water. [Stress Testing!]
19. Test if the bottle is made upwardly of material, which is recyclable. In illustration of plastic made bottle examination if it is easily crushable.
20. Test if the bottle tin also live used to concur other mutual household things similar honey, fruit juice, fuel, paint, turpentine, liquid wax etc. [Capability Testing!]

These were few examination ideas, which occurred to me inwards a brusque fifteen minutes session. Try to get got this every bit a testing exercise together with run across if y'all are able to generate to a greater extent than or less to a greater extent than interesting examination ideas (I am certain y'all can). I would live to a greater extent than than interested to run across your examination ideas. Let me (and others) know most your examination ideas past times leaving behind a comment. Thanks.

More of such “How to Test” posts are going to come upwardly inwards close future. Please portion your views on the posts. Also create allow me know most whatever specific object/equipment that y'all powerfulness similar to run across inwards my adjacent post. I would definitely endeavour to write a “How to Test” post service on that item. Stay tuned!

Happy Testing…

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