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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Testing Google - Boundary Value Exploration!

Ever wondered most the boundary of Google’s Search box? Ever tried to examination it? Well, lately during an online discussion, I was testing it amongst a friend [Gopali Virmani – She is the ane who constitute together with informed me most about to a greater extent than naughty keywords (key-letters actually! – together with the letters are: b, e, f, i, j, l, s, y) capable of reproducing coffee script fault that I bring mentioned inward Yet about other Bug inward Google Suggest!]. Although I bring tested Google’s search box several times before, this fourth dimension I got about extra information field testing it. So I wanted to part it here.

Note: I didn't bring whatsoever specification mentioning the proposed boundary for the Google’s Search box that I was testing. So at that topographic point was no ambit to follow the together with hence called Boundary Value Analysis (BVA - fame ISTQB) where nosotros are given a gain together with are expected to examination the boundary amongst values just matching the upper together with lower boundary, values only higher upwards the boundary together with values only below the boundary! For a simpler representative if a boundary gain for a text box were given equally 5-100, BVA would await ane to examination the boundary amongst examination information of length 4, 5, 6, 99, 100 together with 101. Look closely together with y'all would know that hither nosotros are only adding together with subtracting the upper together with lower boundary values amongst ONE (1) together with taking the resulting value equally examination data. To me it appears a unproblematic arithmetics functioning rather than whatsoever “Analysis”! My 7-year-old cousin tin add together together with subtract a seat out past times 1. Then tin he create BVA too? Think over it. I would rather similar to piece of job out it to the readers to mean value together with create upwards one's heed whether to all the same telephone telephone it “Boundary Value Analysis”!

Oops! Looks similar this is turning out to live on yet about other controversial post! But believe me; I never wanted to become far one. So meliorate I should come upwards dorsum to the primary theme, i.e. testing the boundary of Google Search box together with remain away from controversy. :) Before I come upwards to the physical care for I followed field testing, allow me part my testing mission first.

Testing Mission: To examination together with position the unlike possible boundaries of Google’s Search box together with whatsoever to a greater extent than information related to it.

Procedures I followed field Testing:
1. I opened
interesting post past times Shrini Kulkarni, where he has coined the term “Boundary Value Exploration” (BVE) together with explained it inward detail. I am non certain if what I bring done inward the higher upwards testing experiment tin live on considered equally BVE though. :)

Update: If your Search string is to a greater extent than than 2,048 characters together with y'all endeavour to glue it equally your keyword phrase, Google truncates the characters subsequently the 2,048th graphic symbol together with straight displays the “Google 400 Bad Request” page.

Happy Testing…

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