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Thursday, February 15, 2018

My Top v ways to reproduce a Hard to Reproduce Bug!

What is a "Hard to Reproduce" Bug?
Well, yous mightiness hold upwards to a greater extent than familiar alongside the term "Non Reproducible" bugs! But I prefer using the phrase "Hard to Reproduce" over "Non Reproducible". Because, I belong to the category of testers, who believe that every põrnikas is reproducible in addition to if something happened in 1 trial it tin occur again! It depends on how much fourth dimension in addition to endeavour yous are cook to invest on the investigation to reproduce the bug.

Anyway, equally yous mightiness know already, these are the bugs, which are non reproduced every fourth dimension fifty-fifty past times next seemingly same laid of steps/procedures. Every tester likes to honor bugs. But if it is a "Hard to Reproduce" type, in addition to so it could easily drib dead a nightmare for the tester too! But let’s confront it. Every tester faces such bugs during testing. As a tester, quite oftentimes I am asked to reproduce or so "Hard to Reproduce" bugs, reported past times other testers or users of the application. And I believe that or so of yous mightiness accept faced such province of affairs too. Here, our aim should hold upwards to seek in addition to larn to a greater extent than in addition to to a greater extent than information regarding the põrnikas (who knows inwards the physical care for nosotros mightiness reproduce it too!). These are v points, which I tend to adjust spell hunting for a "Hard to Reproduce" Bug.

1. Always hold upwards on your toes; hold upwards alert! – By this I hateful that yous should hold upwards observant in addition to corking for details spell trying to corner such a bug. Keep your eyes in addition to ears opened upwards for whatever possible suspicious looking physical care for going on inwards the system. Look for those tiny piddling changes similar flickering of the condition bar, a missing push on the toolbar, a partially loaded dialog box, an empty dropdown list, ho-hum to response database queries in addition to so on. If yous occur to girlfriend such a alter inwards state, it mightiness bear witness vital for your põrnikas hunting!

2. Trust but Verify; hold upwards suspicious! – Never trust anything without verifying. Take the bug report (submitted past times other tester or whoever), only equally a reference. Don’t follow it equally a give-and-take from bible, or it won’t hold upwards long earlier yous would honor yourself moving on a incorrect track! Do it yourself in addition to encounter whether things are working equally they are supposed to. After all nosotros testers larn paid to hold upwards skeptical. And in conclusion the customer is going to give thank yous us for beingness so!

3. Look for Patterns! – Bugs dearest patterns. It’s the tester who has to position the patterns to position the bug. While trying to reproduce the bug, await for the possible patterns that are similar to a cousin of this bug. Who knows yous mightiness hold upwards able to honor a designing which could aid yous to reproduce this bug!

Here I would similar to portion 1 of my ain experiences. Once I was trying to reproduce a põrnikas related to a “database full general error”. I was trying for long fourth dimension immediately but was non able to reproduce it. Then I idea of searching for or so similar bugs which mightiness accept been logged past times other testers inwards the põrnikas tracker. And inwards fact I did larn a similar põrnikas which was also related to “database full general error” but inwards a unlike surface area of the application. Going through the põrnikas study suggested that it was a põrnikas which could hold upwards reproduced when Unicode characters were used inwards input. This was an of import slice of information. I tried using few Unicode characters inwards my input string in addition to bang! The application crashed telling most a “database full general error”. Hurray!

4. Note downward the things yous are doing spell testing! – Make a regime annotation of the things yous are doing spell trying to reproduce the bug. Include things similar the exam environment, other applications that mightiness hold upwards running simultaneously, database configuration, the exam information yous are using, other instances of applications that mightiness hold upwards using your AUT (Application Under Test) etc. Noting downward these details tin aid to reproduce the bug. If yous are able to larn the põrnikas but accept non noted downward the things yous did to larn the bug, in addition to so it mightiness be difficult to recall the exact sequence of things to reproduce it again.

5. Have patience! – Patience is the substitution spell trying to reproduce a “Hard to Reproduce” bug. As a tester yous accept to demo lot of patience spell hunting for such a bug. These bugs are non easily reproducible in addition to thus sometimes may brand yous impatient.

If yous know whatever to a greater extent than methods that could aid spell hunting for a “Hard to Reproduce” bug, delight experience gratuitous to portion alongside me past times leaving a comment. Venkat has written a overnice ship on a similar topic. You mightiness similar to take in it here.

Happy Testing…

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