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Friday, February 16, 2018

How to Sell a Bug?

Here I am non going to write a marketing article nearly how to sell a Bug (General term for whatsoever insect or similar creeping or crawling invertebrate)! So people who expected such an article delight excuse me. Rather I am going to write something nearly a Software Bug. These are few ways inwards which people depict a Software Bug.

1. “A bug is a fault or defect inwards a organisation or machine” – Anonymous

2. “A software bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault inwards a estimator plan that prevents it from behaving every bit intended (e.g., producing an wrong result)” –
Hours of testing experience may come upward inwards handy). Sometimes a unmarried põrnikas may lead maintain multiple symptoms. Try to honour out the most severe symptom (data corruptions, organisation crashes, application hangs etc) in addition to get upward this inwards your põrnikas report.

5. The põrnikas written report should hold out tempting enough to grab the bug fixer’s attention.
[Note: When I say, “It should hold out tempting enough”, I am non encouraging y'all to exaggerate your põrnikas report. Exaggerating põrnikas reports are almost e'er devastating for your credibility every bit a tester. Rather the põrnikas written report should hold out written inwards a agency that best describes its importance in addition to provides sufficient right information nearly the possible repercussions of the bug.]

6. Your põrnikas written report should also order how the põrnikas powerfulness impact lots of people, how a similar põrnikas had caused lot of distress inwards past, how a similar põrnikas had caused a challenger to suffer. If y'all are certain that fixing this põrnikas should hold out trivially easy, in addition to thus get upward that inwards your põrnikas written report too.

A well-written põrnikas written report serves every bit a sales promotion for the bug. If y'all are skillful at creating an eye-catching sales advertisement, chances are to a greater extent than that y'all volition hold out to a greater extent than successful at marketing your production (here y'all are trying to sell your “bug” to the developer). So endeavour to practise killer põrnikas reports that lead maintain potential to hold out sold similar hot cakes. Once y'all are successful inwards this, y'all volition run across to a greater extent than of your bugs getting fixed speedily than before.

Happy Testing …

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