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Monday, June 4, 2018

Introduction to Automated Testing

Introduction to Automated Testing

tin last done inward ii ways,

1) Manual Testing
2) Automated Testing or Test Automation

Note: Now a days Software non alone for Computers, together with too for Mobile devices.
Advantages of Test Automation

1) Fast: Test Tool is faster inward Test Execution than Human Users
2) Reliable: Test Tools are reliable than human users
3) Repeatable: We tin repeat our Tests amongst multiple inputs of Test Data.
4) Reusable: We tin reuse our Tests together with Components on dissimilar versions of Software
5) Programmable: We tin insert programmatic statements inward our Tests
6) Comprehensive: We tin exercise Test Batches together with Test Tool tin execute Test Batches without user interaction.
Types of Automated Testing:

1) Functional Test Automation
2) Performance Test Automation
3) Test Management etc...
1) Functional Test Automation:

Automating Software Application Functionality Test Scenarios using whatsoever supported Software Test Tool, 
like UFT/QTP, Selenium, RFT, SilkTest etc...

Note: Functional Testing is a Test Type inward which User Interface Testing, Database Testing, Order of Functionalities are Tested. We tin the Application Functionality Manually or using Test Tool, only 100% Test Automation is non possible, together with nosotros endeavor to automate maximum scenarios.
2) Performance Test Automation:

Automating Software Application Load, Stress, Spike, Data Volume etc.. Test Scenarios using Software Test Tool similar LoadRunner, RPT, Silk Performer, JMeter etc...

Note: Load Testing, Stress Testing, Spike Testing etc... are subsets of Performance Testing, together with Test Automation is alone possible for Performance Testing, Manual Testing is impractical.
3) Test Management

Test Management is an activity of managing the reckoner software testing process.
(Requirements management, Test Management (Manual & Automated), together with Defect management)
ALM / QC, Jira, QAComplete...)

Note: We tin deport Test Management activities manually or using software Test Tool.
Types of Software Test Tools:

Basically nosotros accept ii types of Test Tools inward the Information Technology Industry,

1) Commercial Tools (Ex: UFT / QTP)
2) Open Source Tools (Ex: Selenium)
Also Watch:

1) Selenium Step past times Step Videos

2) UFT / QTP Step past times Step Videos


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