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Monday, February 12, 2018

How to Test a Pen?

mosquito repellent in addition to water bottle. My testing mission for this send service volition rest the same equally I conduct hold mentioned inwards the starting fourth dimension send service of the series. You powerfulness desire to take a await at the testing mission. Here I am going to generate in addition to write downward few test ideas (NOT examination cases) on how to examination a pen [An musical instrument for writing or drawing with ink or similar fluid]!

Note: These were few questions that popped upwardly inwards my heed earlier I could start thinking of whatever examination ideas!

1. What sort of pen is it? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 reed pen, a metallic mouth pen, a natural springtime pen, a ballpoint pen, a felt-tip pen, a rollerball pen or whatever other type?
2. Is it intended to live used alone with newspaper or other writable surface too?
3. Who is going to piece of work it? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 student, a teacher, a writer, a poet, a doctor, a charabanc conductor, a mountaineer, a scuba diver, a desert dweller, an Eskimo from Antarctica or an astronaut?

Here I am assuming that I am going to generate to a greater extent than or less examination ideas to examination a ballpoint pen which comes inwards ii dissimilar forms – pen that uses oil-based glue ink, pen that uses gel ink.
Test Ideas:1. See if the dissimilar components (the barrel, cap, unscrewable head, refill, leap if whatever etc) of the pen are plumbing equipment perfectly. [Installability Testing!]
2. Test the dimension of the pen. Its shape in addition to size should live ergonomically designed thence equally to number inwards a comfortable writing experience.
3. Test past times writing on a slice of paper. See if you lot tin write smoothly. It should non live writing in addition to stopping with breaks! [Usability Testing!]
4. Test the width of the business drawn past times the pen to examination the specified millimeter attain [FYI: Ballpoint Pens come upwardly with dissimilar millimeter specifications similar - a "point 5 millimeter" (0.5 mm) pen has a ball that volition make a business that is 0.5-mm wide, in addition to a "point 7 millimeter" pen (0.7 mm) has a ball that volition make a 0.7-mm line. Ballpoints fifty-fifty come upwardly equally tiny equally "point 1 millimeter" broad ("ultra fine")] [Validation Testing!]
5. Test the writing capacity (the amount of writing that is possible from a unmarried refill) of the pen. [Capability/Reliability Testing!]
6. Test if you lot tin send the pen inwards your shirt pocket using its cap. The cap extension should live theatre plenty to traveling steal your pocket! [Robustness Testing!]
7. Test past times writing on dissimilar types of surfaces like: coarse paper, difficult board wrapper, packaging material, glass, leather, cotton, wood, plastic, metals similar aluminium or iron, polythene canvas etc. [Compatibility Testing!]
8. Write something on a newspaper in addition to maintain the newspaper for a reasonable duration of time. The written letters should non fade away over time. Also examination past times applying H2O on the writing/drawing made past times the pen. See if the ink is water-proof!
9. Test if the ink leaks from the refill nether normal circumstances.
10. Test if the ball of the refill caput fits into the socket with simply plenty infinite to displace freely.
11. Test if the ink flows unevenly. Uneven flowing of ink is a mutual occupation with badly designed pens.
12. Test if the ink is deadening to dry. The ink is exposed to the air piece it is flowing through the pen, thence examination if it cannot dry out speedily or it would clog the pen.
13. Keep the pen without using for a considerable duration of time. Test if the ink does accidentally dry out inwards the pen. In example the ink gums the whole matter up, examination if it requires meticulous cleaning or tin live cleaned easily. [Recovery testing!]
14. Test if the pen tin live used inwards outer infinite in addition to depression gravity environments. If it is a gel pen, in addition to thence it should live capable of this. [As commonly the ink used inwards gel pens is of extremely thick consistency] [Capability testing!]
15. Drop the pen from a reasonable go past times (may live the go past times of a report table) in addition to run into if it breaks, ceases to write or continues to piece of work without whatever damage. Also examination past times putting the pen inwards a “clothes dryer” (ever left your pen inwards your shirt pocket earlier sending it to laundry!). See if the oestrus is sufficient to displace a leakage! [Stress Testing!]
16. Test if the pen is made upwardly of recyclable material.
17. Test how the pen performs nether dissimilar climatic conditions, dissimilar room temperatures, in addition to dissimilar room pressures. [Performance testing!]
18. Test if the pen leaks ink if it is carried inwards a flight. [Performance Testing!]
19. Test if the pen is usable with dissimilar brands of similar refill. [Compatibility Testing!]
20. Test the pen past times writing with dissimilar angles of use. Also examination if you lot are able to write on a vertical surface [sticky greenback stuck on a uncovering board!]
21. Test if the materials used inwards the manufacturing of the pen are harmless if chewed or licked! It’s a full general style with users to position the pen inwards oral fissure piece writing.
22. Test if the writing caput is also sensitive in addition to is easily broken piece writing. [Robustness Testing!]
23. Test the powerfulness to write on 1 canvas of newspaper on a difficult desk. Look for the lineament of writing.
24. Test the push clitoris per unit of measurement area needed to live applied to the pen to conduct hold it write cleanly. [Load Testing!]
25. Test if the ink blots the newspaper (especially inwards example of gel pen). [Usability testing!]

These were few examination ideas that popped inwards my heed when I sat downward to generate few test ideas to examination a pen. I am certain at that spot tin live lot to a greater extent than interesting examination ideas to examination a pen. I am waiting to run into your examination ideas. I would actually appreciate if you lot tin go out behind your examination ideas equally comments. Anybody ready to conduct hold this Testing Challenge? :)

Happy Testing…

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